Call for Online Play-testers!
Do you have Tabletop Simulator on Steam and Discord to chat with? Come be apart of our upcoming Play-test this Thursday (07/28/16)!

If you have at least 2 solid  hours to spare, get ahold of me for some testing and the opportunity to influence the direction of this game’s design! To contact me about your interest tweet us at @HooteyGames on Twitter, send me an email directly at, or drop me a comment right here directly on this post!

If your okay with it, the test will be recorded and uploaded to our Youtube Channel Deathrolling as well as this site. Also, I’ll only need 3-4 testers, so to increase your odds of being selected contact me asap!

For more information on all the intricacies of how Play-testing works and what you can expect, read our Want to Help Playtest? page here on the site.