A Competitive RPG Expereince

With Deathroll, I explore an avenue of RPGs that has yet to be fully mined for all of its possibilities. Why aren’t more RPGs competitive? You might be saying to yourself, “well RPGs are the polar opposite of what a competitive game should be.” Traditionally, you would be right, but why not challenge that notion.

This site will provide you with all of the information you need when discovering the intricacies of this bizarre game. Additionally, the blog, which can be found on the home page, is constantly updated so you can follow along with the development of Deathroll until we’re ready to launch. Lastly, every week an episode of Death Rolling, a play testing podcast of sorts, will be uploaded here, as well as on Youtube. Following along the posts, you can experience the growth of Deathroll from my point of view, as it grows before both our eyes.

Start by thumbing through the What is Deathroll? page on the site. From here you will get a better sense of what exactly I’m aiming to accomplish with this game.


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