Development Report (06/21/16 – 06/28/16)
In the month of June I’ve made strides in developing the GM’s side of play. Approaching July, I’d like to share how things have changed and progressed for our evil, GameMaster overlord.

First and foremost, Narrative Prompts have been established.

As the GM draws cards from the deck, they will be looking to obtain as many Aspect Cards as they can and as few Assist Cards as possible.

  • Aspect Cards – Allows the GM to add things like: Traps, Creatures, Characters, and Hazards to the adventure
  • Assist Cards – Forces the GM to add things that assist the PCs like: Mechanisms, NPCs, Loot, and Side Quests.

The entire process comes to an end when the GM draws the required amount of Encounter Cards that are to be used for the upcoming Adventure.

  • Encounter Cards – Objectives that the PCs must complete to win an Adventure. Things like: winning a grand battle between two armies, returning an ally to safety, transporting an object, defeating an enormous creature, retrieving an object of power, defending a location from a wave of enemies, or simply making it out alive and onto the next encounter.

The image above is that of a single Encounter I designed when drawing from the deck, one of three that the PCs would have to complete during their first Adventure. As of now, if PCs are able to successfully complete at least 2 of these 3 Encounters, they win the first Adventure. Although, this winning condition seems a bit simple and is probably liable to change. Like everything, testing is required.

So as you can see, the PCs will need to transport an object while having to deal with: 1 Creature Group, 1 Trap, 1 Hazard, and 1 Wild Aspect (which I made a Hazard). The PCs are also allowed a single Rare Mechanism to assist them in the process.

Although I wasn’t able to test this encounter last week, it gave me the opportunity to develop the Aspect Tables a bit in the mean time.

This spreadsheet below shows the initial Aspect Table used to create everything (but characters) that are drawn from the cards in a matter of minutes.

Based on the outcome of rolling two d6’s, your Aspect will acquire either a Perk or Quirk. The Gm must roll twice from the table but is allowed a third roll if dissatisfied.

Aside from the other tables (that are currently being worked on), the basic layout of your Aspect is complete after this. The Perks and Quirks they obtain here is what gives them their unique personalities and traits that allow them to standout and be skinned appropriately.

So essentially, the groundwork has been laid out for the GM to start writing their own Adventures now (which I would love to have someone test). 🙂

To get a better idea of how this all pans out during play, check out the last two episodes of Death Rolling. Hopefully within the next few weeks an entire encounter, from head-to-toe, will be devised from these Tables and tested!

As always, keep me informed if you would like to help test. Although I’m considering taking testing online, if you live in the KC area and are interested, I’ll always make time to test in person! Thanks for reading guys!