Hootey Games


Hootey Games is an independent studio of one. Although I am the sole person working at Hootey Games, I am not alone! No one person can hope to design and develop a table-top RPG by themselves (and keep their sanity). I work with a variety of freelancers (mostly illustrators) as well as consulting with other independent game designers, like myself.  Most importantly, what I’m capable of doing here at Hootey Games is all because of the outstanding playtesters that have shaped Deathroll into the game it is today. This won’t be the last time I mention them, but I thought I should give them my first, official shout-out here!

Thanks Everyone!

Kassie Vaughn  Aaron Eyerly  Joe Hannah  Zoa Smalley  Charlotte Trible  Byron Eyerly  Kaitlyn Hoines  Matthew Hult Chris Ogle  Gareth Skarka  Ryan Ackerman  Jessie Trible Amaad Delmar  Zack Albin  Darren Dalbey  Kevin Kandola  Michelle Ogle  Harry Gafford  Allie LaGrand  Luke Barber  Mike Liedtke  Frank Johnson  Joseph Adams  Kyle Johnson   Jessie Olds