Caught Up In The Fall

Slowly creeping along the ruined businesses and shops of yet another destroyed town blown to pieces, a band of troublemakers kept as quiet as possible.

“We shouldn’t be outside,” murmured Fyde, a stout, nervous wreck of a weathered old man. “We need to get to the church from inside somewhere else.”

“Well how do we do that exactly?” barked back Yossette, as quietly as she could yell.

“If we stay out here any longer those things will find us again! Something is going to find us again,” yelled back Fyde, a little louder than he probably should have.

A collective “Shhhhh!” rang out from the others.

“We have to be getting close now; these things aren’t as bad as you make them out to be. We will be fine,” whispered Mud, a boy no older than 16 and an odd addition to the team.

“Are you sure you’re not bitten?” questioned Yossette in a concerned hush.

“I wasn’t and I don’t want you guys looking at me like that. That rumor probably isn’t even true I bet,” asserted back Mud, flustered by his elder allies.

“It’s basically been confirmed you know? Ghouls are pretty common now around these parts. People who’ve seen ’em say a bite will turn you, make you sick, and become one of ’em,” said Fyde in a quick retort.

“Just stay low please? It can’t be more than a block away I think,” said Yossette.

It was nearly impossible to see the end of the road. Some haze, a ward maybe, hung over the town of Rossendorf. Determined by Yossette earlier that day, it is of an ‘unnatural and most foul source; something not of this world.’  Beginning to turn their last corner before the church, the band noticed something high above the town off in the distance. It was a large, bright light, too close to be the sun, though it was confused for it at first. The sun had faded away behind the deep haze hours ago.

“The Holy Warden… there is something not right about that tower,” said Fyde. He muttered the last bit to himself, just loud enough that the others could hear him.

“Yeah there is. What do you mean something’s wrong? It’s so bright-thank goodness,” said Yossette.

“I’ve heard about it before from my good friend. Tarley, he came here once to see it before, before all of this,” said Fyde. Something was very wrong with him as he spoke. Almost as if he was too scared to admit what he knew.

Before anyone could ask what was troubling him so, a great rustle-like a thousand large bits of a complex-all snapped into place before them. The sound shook the enormous flame in the sky as it became apparent to them what was troubling Fyde. What had seemed like the odd design choice of the architect who built this structure beforehand had clearly moved about. It unfolded itself into a much larger silhouette before them. As it continued to move, the band was frozen in fear. The noise, blasphemous and overwhelming, bellowed through the damp air, reverberating down the street toward them. Then suddenly, it propelled itself from the Holy Warden, cutting through the haze. The light from the released sun that pierced through illuminated the terrible thing as it flew in the direction of the band. A  hideous monster, like a many-horned, sickly moth beat it’s thin, translucent wings.

The force at which the thing moved and flapped it’s wings-that were twice the size of it’s body-blew the haze off of the streets, propelling it upward against the surrounding buildings and into the air further. “SCREEEEEEEEEEE!” penetrated the ghost-town from all angles, bellowing out from the beast as it passed by. Breaking the stupor of the band, they laid as flat as they could against the sidewalk, aiming rifles and pistols at the enormous thing flying off into the distance.  As they were prepared to fire, it disappeared into the haze, releasing a final distant squeal. With the abruption of the moth-like creature’s voice, ominous figures emerged from down the street.

Thanks for reading everybody!